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2019 Per Stirling North Austin Shred Event

Per Stirling North Austin spent this past Friday the 13th shredding financial documents and and eating shredded barbecue sandwiches.

A grand turnout of 27 clients joined our advisors and staff for Rudy’s BBQ, Tiff’s Treats cookies, and custom Per Stirling artisanal chocolates from Chocolaterie Tessa. Clients brought Per Stirling bags full of financial documents to be fed into the Data Armor shredding truck then joined us inside for the party.

While so much of our culture has become paperless thanks to the internet, we often still have important or confidential documents that are no longer necessary or safe to keep on hand. Some reasons you may want to consider shredding old documents:

  • To open up storage space.
  • To avoid the dangerous fire hazard a pile of paper creates.
  • To protect yourself from identity thieves searching through trash bins for documents with personal information.
  • To reduce landfill waste and save valuable trees by recycling.

Be on the look out for our next Shred Party invitation!