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Bring Your Kiddo to Work Day

Per Stirling held its 3rd annual “Bring Your Kiddo to Work Day” this past month, and everyone had an absolute blast. Although it may seem like a daunting idea, our children look forward to this event every year! Advisors and Staff even joined in on the fun, and participated in all the activities. “Bringing Your Kiddo to Work Day” gives our children a glimpse into the working world, as well as the opportunity to learn about different jobs that are carried out to make a business successful.

The event didn’t begin until mid-afternoon, so some kiddos got to experience what some of their parent’s work day is actually like. Once the clock struck 11:00AM, we started the early afternoon with some coloring pages while Disney’s Inside Out played in the background. Per Stirling’s Managing Director, John Per O’Sullivan, held an impromptu meeting with all the children and explained to them the importance of saving money and compound interest.

After listening to the talks of finance, the kiddos worked up an appetite and enjoyed some pizza that was delivered by Austin’s Pizza. Per Stirling hired a very talented balloon twisting and face paint duo to entertain the children for the next part of the afternoon. You can see their work in some of the photos below.

The Kona Ice Truck showed up shortly thereafter for the kiddos to enjoy, while everyone waited on the Westlake Fire Department to show up with their fire engine. The firefighters let the children climb into their truck and brought them fun activity packets with their own red firefighter helmets. The older children were shown thermal imaging cameras that help them see through smoke while monitoring the spread of a fire so they are quickly able to identify hot spots and visualize their plan of attack to save lives.  The children were also shown fire hoses and other parts of the fire truck and how everything works.

All in all, it was a fun day and everyone, including staff and advisors, were worn out from all the activities! Some children left the office saying they want to work at Per Stirling when they get older. We are already looking forward to next year’s Bring your kiddo to work day!