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Help! I’m thinking about divorce

Is it time for us to divorce or do we both have one more genuine attempt left in our emotional and / or financial bank? This and so many other questions are best answered when we have a clear head and are able to make sound decisions. So, how is that possible when we’re contemplating divorce while our world is caving in on us?

Collaborative divorce professionals focus on your hope for your family’s future. The intent is to develop a mutually beneficial outcome that is driven by interests or goals as opposed to problems or people. Seek the wise, experienced counsel of one of these professionals to learn your options.

Genuinely listen to yourself as well as to the guidance from your respected advisors and friends. Divorce, like marriage, is for the long-term. Rushing the process or deciding the outcome without understanding your options, benefits, and pitfalls may mean costly errors and destroyed relationships.

Emotions are running rampant in most of us right now and not all of us are contemplating divorce. This decision may be one of the hardest you’ll ever make and is not one from which you can remove your feelings. Knowledge is an important part of evaluating this and all the decisions that will follow through the process of divorcing or rebuilding. What is drawing you to divorce? If it’s child or financially related, are you more satisfied with the potential result from trying again or from standing on your own?

If you haven’t already, take some time to consider how you feel about what you’ve learned. If you’re prepared to pursue a divorce, do so with a team who will consider what is important to you for your future as well as for that of your family. Use a modified version of this decision making process to navigate through your divorce. Work with people who respect you, listen to your concerns, assist you through creative options for resolution, and work to help you have peace-of-mind that you did the best you could for yourself and for your family.

What now? Read Find a Collaborative Professional. If your friends can’t refer you to trusted advisors, on the same webpage, search your county for professionals and read the bios of the collaborative divorce professionals in your area. Find someone who seems to resonate with you and call with your questions. Advisory services offered through Per Stirling Capital Management, LLC. This material is provided for informational purposes only. Individual advice should be provided by the appropriate tax, legal, financial or accounting professional.

Written by: Tasha Rock, CFP®