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Per Stirling Corporate Wellness Challenge

March 1st Per Stirling will kick off its first ever Corporate Wellness Fitness Challenge. Employees and Advisors from each office branch (North, Westlake & Dallas) will compete against each other for the ultimate bragging rights. Studies have proven that a successful wellness program will not only motivate employees, but also cultivate engagement and promote positive well-being behaviors. 

Each branch of Per Stirling will compete against each other using a point system.  Points can be earned daily in multiple ways, with individual goals for each day. These goals include exercising, healthy eating habits, getting steps or miles in, drinking water regularly, little to no sugar intake, and healthy sleeping habits. There will also be daily exercise challenges to earn some extra points. Each day will have a different exercise. If completed, participants will earn extra points for that day. 

Stay tuned! The winning branch will be announced towards the end of March. Which branch does your advisor belong to?!