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Per Stirling Volunteers! – Back to School

Per Stirling kicked off the start of the new school year by donating funds and school supplies to students and classrooms.

Supplies were contributed to the TruWest Back-to-School Supply Drive, while advisors and staff also gave to local classrooms and neighborhood drives. TruWest Credit Union’s drive benefits children attending Baty Elementary in the Del Valle ISD.

Monetary donations were gifted to two non-profits. uSupplies, an Austin-based organization whose goal is to supply classrooms in need, received $25. For the Children, also Austin-based, received $100, 100% of which goes toward school supplies for children that qualify for the Federal and Reduced Price Lunch Program.

If you’d like to learn more about the charitable organizations involved visit these websites.

TruWest Back-to School Supply Drive https://truwest.org/school-supply-drive/

uSupplies https://usupplies.org/

For the Children http://www.schoolsuppliesforthechildren.org/donate


We look forward to bringing you news on our September Community Initiative – Cancer Awareness!