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Per Stirling’s Wellness Challenge – Winners Announced!

March 1st Per Stirling kicked off its first ever Corporate Wellness Fitness Challenge. Employees and Advisors from each office branch (North, Westlake & Dallas) competed against each other for the ultimate bragging rights!

The competition was interrupted by Covid-19, closing all gyms, making it difficult to get a good work out in. However, those competing still stepped out from their homes and took their workouts to the streets & trails. Walking, jogging and hiking to get their steps in to count it towards the challenge!

The monthly fitness challenge was measured using a point system allowing participants to earn points and set goals daily. These goals included exercising, healthy eating habits, getting steps or miles in, drinking water regularly, little to no sugar intake, and healthy sleeping habits. There were also daily exercise challenges to earn some extra points.
After a full month of persistence and hard work… The winning branch was the Per Stirling Westlake Branch!

Congratulations Westlake!