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Fadi Boury

Financial Advisor, Partner

Since his career began in 1987, Fadi Boury has been passionate about investing and providing his clients with the tools they need to reach their goals. Starting out in the banking industry with Manufacturers Hanover Trust, he quickly learned that he could make a bigger difference in his client’s lives in the investment industry.

In 1992, Fadi Boury joined Larry Saunders and Investor’s Advantage as a Financial Advisor where he was drawn by the fee-only and client first philosophy. A partnership was established in 1995 and their friendship and business has lasted over 28 years.

In late 2019, Fadi Boury and the team at Investor’s Advantage decided to join Per Stirling. This change allowed him to improve the offering for his clients and allow him to focus on the advice his clients need.

Fadi Boury focuses on a philosophy grounded in 4 pillars:
Straight and Narrow: Own the whole weighted market in equities.
Low cost: Index.
Simplicity & Transparency.
Fixed income active management.

He uses this strategy to serve his client’s needs and to meet their financial goals.

Fadi Boury is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance followed by a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing. Fadi Boury enjoys spending time with his family.

“The great paradox of this remarkable age is that the more complex the world around us becomes, the more simplicity we must seek in order to realize our financial goals.” – Jack Bogle