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Hamna Devgun

Administrative Specialist

As an Administrative Specialist at Per Stirling, Hamna’s responsibilities encompass warmly welcoming clients, managing correspondence, handling administrative tasks, and assisting with data management. Additionally, she assists the administrative supervisor with day-to-day projects.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of her role is collaborating with like-minded individuals who are results-driven and share the common goal of fostering the company’s growth and ensuring client satisfaction. Hamna takes pride in finding motivation in the variety of complex tasks she encounters daily, making each day a fresh and engaging experience.

Currently, Hamna is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management information systems at the University of Texas at Austin. She has accumulated three years of experience in data management, utilizing various technical software like Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, she gained a year of valuable experience in banking while working at a call-center.

In her leisure time, Hamna prioritizes her well-being by engaging in physical fitness activities at the gym and preparing wholesome home-cooked meals for herself and her family. These activities not only promote her physical health but also provide mental clarity and uplift her mood, fostering a harmonious balance in her daily life.

Her colleagues often describe Hamna as reliable, dedicated, and detail-oriented, which underscores her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in her professional endeavors.