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Larry Saunders

Financial Advisor, Partner

Larry Saunders has been in the financial industry since 1988 after a long and successful career in the telecommunications industry. His career in telecommunications included acting as a business consultant for various major companies and working as the Chief Operating Officer of Centex Communications for over 7 years. After experiencing the difference that financial services could have on a person’s future and opportunities, Larry obtained his licenses and established Investor’s Advantage in 1991 with a presence in Austin and Dallas. He spent many years servicing his clients by specializing in wealth management and fee-only portfolio management.

In 2019, Larry Saunders and his team at Investor’s Advantage joined Per Stirling to form one of the fastest growing firms in Central Texas. As a Partner at Per Stirling, he is committed to providing his clients the highest levels of fiduciary service while focusing on selection and asset allocation of closed end funds, exchanged traded stock and bond funds.

Larry attended Ohio State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. Larry enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, amateur radio, and traveling.