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Matthew Spencer, CFP®, CRPC®

Financial Advisor

Matt Spencer has been guiding individuals and families as a private wealth manager for 13 years- including the last eight as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional & fee-only fiduciary- and brings to bear 20 years of direct experience managing market risk as a trader & portfolio manager.

His guiding principles- Plan, Protect & Participate- have been steadfast from the beginning.

Plan to achieve goals by beginning with the end in mind. Revisit often & keep it current;

Protect against the worst. Eliminate manageable risks & avoid emotional or biased decision-making;

Participate in the upside of markets & a joyful life. Work hard, retire harder. Bucket lists over budgets. Build memories, not portfolios.

Matt’s mix of education, experience, interests & Houston locale typically resonates with the following:

highly educated professionals in a technical discipline, whom are information hungry, analytical & somewhat cautious, may/may not have a current advisor, and are the primary earner in a tenured marriage.

Many of his clients are engineering professionals across the aerospace, energy, petrochemical industries, as well as geologists, geophysicists, research scientists & chemists.

Likewise, given their volatile business cycles, entrepreneurs, IT consultants, & sales professionals also appreciate Matt’s focus on managing risk.

Someone may be seeking help because they’re tired of self-managing, or are concerned about their spouse’s well-being, should they pre-decease as the primary earner & money manager, or simply acknowledge the need for help in a critical phase of life.   Perhaps they want an advisor with the acumen to get deep in the weeds & analyze alongside them, then pivot to their spouse & deliver the same content in plain English, seamlessly.

As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Matt has also cultivated deep knowledge in retirement planning.  For those age 50 & above, Matt’s entire focus is on preparing for the critical ten-year period encompassing the five-years prior, and five-years after, their retirement date.  He has specialized training in Social Security strategies, Medicare, Medicare Supplement policies, long term care options, retirement investing & income strategies, and preparing clients for the significant emotional & social transition they will encounter.

Raised by two educators, Matt’s interest in research, analysis & learning comes naturally, as does his ability to communicate, some might say ‘translate’, intricate or arcane financial concepts into easily understood language.  Indeed, one of his greatest professional joys is for a traditionally disinterested, non-financial client or spouse to say – “you’ve explained things in a way that, for the first time in my life, I finally understand everything!”

When not working with clients, you’ll most likely find Matt spending time with his son, Levi.  They share a love of soccer, super-hero movies, Fuddruckers hamburgers, Schlitterbahn waterparks, hunting & all things related to Texas A&M, Matt’s alma mater (Class of ’96).