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Want a Productivity Booster, Take Your Vacation

In many recent conversations with friends, family, & clients, I find myself repeating themes along the lines of take time for yourself or focus on your health & well-being.  In fact many of those who are gainfully employed are busier now than they were before the pandemic.  And the lack of sleep, energy, or enthusiasm from being over-worked sometimes shows in their demeanor.

I was sorting through my library to find data or thoughts to reinforce the aforementioned core theme.  I came across an article from INC.com that highlighted a study from the American Psychological Association (APA).

Science-based reasons to take your vacation:

  • Stress Reduction – A University of Vienna Study found that post-vacation individuals enjoyed the positive side-effects of their time off well over five weeks after their vacations.  The carryover included a reduction of physical complaints like headaches, backaches, and heart irregularities.
  • Improved Productivity – Ernst & Young found that for every ten hours of additional vacation time their employees took, their end-of-year productivity went up eight percent.
  • Better Sleep – Chief complaints of my physician clients include stress from work, disrupted sleep, or simply lack of sleep.  Vacationing allows you to reset your sleeping pattern.

Takeaway:   It comes as no surprise that vacations are good for your mental & physical health.  In fact, even shorter bursts have its benefits.  Three in five people, however, continue to do some level of work while “vacationing.”  The APA’s findings show that this practice is counterintuitive for those wishing to reap the full benefits of time off.  So, reflect on the importance of vacationing properly in order to “shut down” effectively even for a short while. 

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