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Advisor Testimonials

  “I was looking for an Austin-based hybrid RIA/BD firm that truly had the resources, business model, and commitment to help me take my business to the next level. Per Stirling offers the entire package, including competitive compensation, full administrative and back office support, an experienced transition team, and an environment of like-minded professionals where you can thrive.” RYAN JOYCE, CFP®, CPA


Richard Hallum “After 25 years as a Financial Advisor, I was looking for something special in a firm.  Initially I was with a large financial firm for 15 years.  But I left that firm because of my desire to be truly independent.  I then spent the next 10 years with an independent BD that allowed me to participate in the BD/RIA hybrid model.  And while my practice thrived under this model, I found myself wanting more. I wanted to be part of something bigger than just my practice.  I wanted to be able to focus time on my clients and turn over the staffing issues and administrative headaches.  I wanted to be able to have a continuity plan with a group of trusted individuals who can look after my clients and my family if something happened to me.  I wanted to be able to have regular meetings with other advisors to discuss current concepts or strategies, and to be able to openly share and learn from each other.   But I wasn’t willing to give up my practice, my way of working with my clients, nor my independence to obtain any of these things. And at Per Stirling, I found everything I was searching for and I was able to keep all of the features that are important to me.  In fact, I cannot think of anything I had to give up when joining Per Sterling.  The move has far exceeded my expectations.” –Richard Hallum, CFP®  


“Per Stirling provides me with the structure to only charge fees to my clients for holistic planning and asset management, provide them with low-cost index funds such as Spartan, Vanguard, and Dimensional, utilize top custodians like Schwab and Fidelity, work as a team with two or more other associates, and have a flexible schedule to be there for my family as often as needed or wanted.”   –Kenneth Price, CFP®, CFA®, ChFC®, CLU®, AEP®