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An Aspirational Firm for Exceptional Advisors

Per Stirling measures success by quality rather than quantity, which means that we continue to be very selective about advisors who join our team. However, if you are an advisor, planner, or registered representative who shares our commitment to the highest standards, and who is interested in associating with like-minded professionals, we look forward to hearing from you.

Careers at Per Stirling

In just over a decade, Per Stirling has grown from being a specialty portfolio management firm known only to a select group of affluent families, to one of the largest, comprehensive wealth management firms in central Texas. This notable transformation is due to some of the area’s top advisors and financial planners discovering the unique advantages of joining the Per Stirling team.

Why Per Stirling?


  • Truly independent, entrepreneurial culture
  • Hybrid structure with multiple advisory custodians and broker-dealer OSJ


  • High payouts (without haircuts) and profit sharing for top advisors
  • Group health and advisory E&O insurance.


  • Assistant assigned to every advisor
  • Furnished office, computer, technology infrastructure, and phone systems for all partner-level advisors
  • Comprehensive compliance and reporting services for all advisors
  • Cutting-edge, cloud-based technology platform, CRM, portfolio management, and financial planning software provided
  • Advisor-friendly contract that specifies that our associates own their clientele


Why Work Here?

Perhaps your business growth is plateauing because you’re spending more time on administrative busywork instead of valuable time with clients. Or maybe the vision you have for your financial advisory practice is being held back by where you are now.

If you’re a financial advisor who is frustrated with continued payout reductions, support problems, and conflicting corporate interests that prevent you from servicing your clients properly, Per Stirling may be the right firm for you. To learn more, please send us your information below.

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    Our Mission

    Because the firm takes care of all the compliance, administration, billing, reporting, and other business-related operations, advisors like you have more time to serve the needs of your clients and to grow your practice in a truly fiduciary environment. In other words: the firm exists to serve advisors – not the other way around.

    At Per Stirling, we support all our associates through every stage of their career, starting with our seamless on-boarding and transition process, and continuing with exceptional support and the opportunity to participate in the success of the firm. We can even assist with succession plan development and implementation, if you’re contemplating your own retirement, or just want a contingency plan in place. Plus, thanks to like-minded colleagues, you and your clients will benefit from a collaborative – not competitive – “brain trust” environment.

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