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Our Team

We pride ourselves on the acumen of our management team and the absolute professionalism of every staff and support person.

If you're new to Per Stirling, please contact us and someone from Per Stirling will be in touch with you soon. To read each person's bio, please click on their name.

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Management Team

Amber Bell

Chief Compliance Officer

Katherine Zamora

Financial Advisor, OSJ Principal

Crystal Bowers

Executive Business Administrator

Alan Jacobs

Financial Operations Manager

Financial Advisors

Steve Cartwright, CFP®

Private Wealth Client Relationship Manager

Michael A. Moore, CFP®

Financial Advisor, Operations Specialist

Katherine Zamora

Financial Advisor, OSJ Principal

Staff and Support

Rachel Hurley, CFP®

Lead Operations Specialist, Community Initiative Coordinator

Sarah Nolte

Administrative Specialist

Kim Ray

Community & Client Ambassador | Promoter

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