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John Per O’Sullivan

Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

J.P. serves as the lead manager for the Per Stirling Conservative Growth and Core Growth portfolios. In 2009, Mr. O’Sullivan co-founded Per Stirling with his partner, Robert Phipps, with the goal of creating a firm focused on bringing fiduciary standards to the advisor/client relationship.

Before co-founding Per Stirling, Mr. O’Sullivan served as a global macro hedge fund manager with CACH Capital Management and, prior to that, President of one of the largest financial services firms headquartered in central Texas, Choice Asset Management.

Previously, Mr. O’Sullivan also served as the Chief Investment Officer for Lucien, Stirling and Gray. Mr. O’Sullivan is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Business Economics and post graduate course work in applied statistics.

In addition to the company-sponsored portfolios that he manages for Per Stirling, Mr. O’Sullivan manages money for a select group of individual and corporate investment clients. Many of these individual clients are either owners of Austin-area businesses or entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their businesses, and who thus require individualized planning, portfolio design and management.

John believes that building a great investment portfolio is very similar to managing a successful baseball team. ‘As in baseball, having one or two great positions in a portfolio doesn’t lead to success. Success is the result of careful selection at every position, understanding how each of those positions work in relation to one another, and being prepared to make changes in the lineup as conditions warrant. When this process is done well, an investment portfolio is actually greater than the sum of its individual parts, which allows for long-term success for our clients.’

John lives in North Austin with his wife Monica and their three children. He stays physically active and, if the weekend weather is good, you will likely find them outside on the volleyball court, golf course, or softball field.