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The Difference

A Holistic, Transparent, and
Client-Centric Approach

As strange as it may sound, Per Stirling is not for everyone. At least, not initially. For most people, a “do-it-yourself approach” or even one of the increasingly available “robo-advisor” platforms may be sufficient when one is in the early stages of building towards their financial goals. In such situations, when one’s financial life is not that complicated and one’s portfolio does not demand ongoing professional advice and management, working with a firm like Per Stirling may be an unnecessary luxury.

However, as you increasingly achieve a certain level of success or have successfully amassed a substantial amount of wealth, your goals, opportunities, and vulnerabilities increase in both number and complexity. That’s when you know it’s time to find the right partner to help you preserve and conscientiously manage your financial affairs.


No matter how you define performance, at Per Stirling, our goal is to provide it at every turn, to produce it to the best of our abilities, and to seek to produce it in a way that is always in the best interest of our clients.

One may measure a financial partner’s performance in a variety of ways, which may include:

  • Portfolio returns being better than those of the markets either on a nominal basis, or relative to the amount of taxes that you pay, or even the amount of portfolio risk that you accept.
  • Whether your financial plan meets all of your expectations and sets you on the right path to meet your personal and financial goals.
  • The soundness of your financial advisor’s recommendations, and how your advisor serves their clients as an advocate, a fiduciary, and a trusted source of information and advice.


Every member of the Per Stirling team works very hard to always introduce a point of view that is unique, well-considered, and absolutely on target.

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Perspective is one of the most powerful ways that we add value to our clients’ lives. After all, perspective is what differentiates us from our industry peers when making recommendations regarding your financial plan, your estate plan, or any other important financially-related decisions that you face on a daily basis.

Per Stirling is very selective about who joins our team: so that clients can always depend on receiving valuable and thoughtful insight no matter which Per Stirling advisor they choose.

Per Stirling

As a fundamental principle, the team at Per Stirling believes that “If you take outrageously good care of your clients and treat your team like members of your family, everything else will take care of itself.” It is an operational philosophy that we call “Business Karma,” and it impacts every aspect of our professional lives.

We pride ourselves on the acumen of our management team and the absolute professionalism of every staff and support person. However, there is no question that the success and the quality of the firm can be overwhelmingly attributed to the sophistication, quality, and expertise of the financial professionals who have joined the Per Stirling team.

We believe that, while we do a wide array of things very well, what we have done better than anything else is create an exceptional, fiduciary environment that is well-suited to attract some of the most outstanding advisors and consultants in the industry. It is the exceptional character and expertise of the resulting team that differentiates Per Stirling from our industry peers.