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Per Stirling Capital Outlook – July

“From that day on, we was [sic] always together. Jenny and me was [sic] like peas and carrots.” –From the movie Forrest Gump. As was noted by this classic Tom Hanks character, whether it be Texas and hot summers, birthdays and cake, or higher inflation and higher interest rates, there are certain things that just […]



RecognizeGood Ethics in Business Alliance

As a firm, Per Stirling is probably best known for its award-winning ethics, its client-centric fiduciary culture, and the nationally-recognized skill and expertise of its advisors, staff and management team. From the inception of the firm, Per Stirling has championed its fiduciary standards as a core founding principal, and our growth over the years has been a […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Austin Pets Alive

With it being TWO full years since we originally kicked off with our monthly volunteer initiatives at Per Stirling, we wanted to come full circle back to our very first initiative with Austin Pets Alive! “Austin is proudly the largest and longest running No Kill city in the nation thanks to a groundbreaking and unique […]



Want a Productivity Booster, Take Your Vacation

In many recent conversations with friends, family, & clients, I find myself repeating themes along the lines of take time for yourself or focus on your health & well-being.  In fact many of those who are gainfully employed are busier now than they were before the pandemic.  And the lack of sleep, energy, or enthusiasm […]



Per Stirling Capital Outlook – June

Is it possible that we just witnessed “peak everything” (or at least peak many things)?  Did we just witness a peak in the growth rate of money supply, in the pace of government fiscal stimulus, in the rate of increase in monetary stimulus, in corporate profit growth, and in economic growth?  Could it be that […]



Per Stirling Presents: Shred Event 2021

Most individuals and businesses know how valuable it is to retain important financial and legal documents, but after a certain period of time, how long is too long? Stockpiling sensitive information can pose a security issue, or even breach compliance regulations in today’s privacy-conscious world. Per Stirling will be hosting our Shred Event on Thursday, […]



Conspirare Performs for Per Stirling

As many of you know, Austin is blessed to serve as home base for Conspirare, which is a Grammy® award-winning choral ensemble that has released over 25 albums and one DVD, and has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards. Conspirare is making available to Per Stirling, and to the firm’s clients and friends, a unique […]



Per Stirling Capital Outlook – May

“The Great Fire of Rome” was reportedly started in 64 A.D. upon secret orders from Emperor Nero, who wanted to clear the way for a giant new palace called the Domus Aurea.  By the time that the fire burned itself out nine days later, two-thirds of the city had been destroyed and Nero, by ignoring […]



The Continued Growth of Per Stirling

Per Stirling was founded over a decade ago based upon the premise that “if you take outrageously good care of your clients and treat the members of your team like family, everything else will take care of itself”.  This unique founding philosophy has not only brought Per Stirling notable recognition on both a national and […]



Per Stirling Volunteers – Earth Day

For the month of April, Per Stirling’s community initiative focus was on preserving our beautiful planet.  Also known as Earth Day, this is the global environmental protection observance day that falls on April 22nd.  The first Earth Day started in 1970 when millions of Americans protested for cleaner air and water.  This led to the […]