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Per Stirling Capital Outlook – March

There is an old Wall Street maxim that “the Fed raises rates until they break something”.  The past week’s headlines confirm that it is an adage that continues to stand the test of time.  After all, in the twelve months since the Fed started tightening monetary policy, we have witnessed one of the worst global […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – The Jeremiah Project

  The Jeremiah Project is a national organization with a mission to disrupt the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children, two generations at a time. In 2022, statistics showed that there were over 40 thousand single mothers raising their children in poverty, in the Austin Area alone. The Jeremiah Project accepts donations to […]



Per Stirling Capital Outlook – February

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Well, not so much “bears”, at least for the time being. The turn of the calendar to the year 2023 seems to have brought with it the return of animal spirits, and appears to, at least temporarily, have turned equity market leadership on its head. In general, all […]



Per Stirling Capital Outlook – January

We are very honored and excited that, in February, Per Stirling’s Chief Investment Officer will be giving the keynote speech at the annual conference for FPA-DFW, which is the largest Financial Planning Association chapter in the country.  The topic will be “The Capital Markets & the Macroeconomic Environment: A View from 40,000 Feet”, and will […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Partnerships for Children

“Every child deserves the basic things, that we all take for granted”.  -Partnerships for Children. It has been a tradition for Per Stirling to focus our December Community Initiative on giving to those less fortunate during the holiday season. In previous years, Per Stirling participated in Partnerships for Children’s “Holiday Wishes Campaign“. This campaign provides gifts […]



Per Stirling Capital Outlook – December

We are approaching the end of yet another year, which is traditionally the time when most Americans commit to losing weight or getting more sleep, and most investment firms and their strategists offer their prognostications about the year to come.  While the success rate for each of these endeavors is disappointingly low, history suggests that […]



Per Stirling’s 2022 Client Appreciation Event

All of us at Per Stirling would like to offer our sincere appreciation to everyone who joined us for our Annual Client Appreciation Event! It was our great pleasure to share our evening with you. This event is very important to us, as it gives us an opportunity to thank you, and each of our clients, for your […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Central Texas Food Bank

Per Stirling focused our November Community Initiative on giving to those in need of food this holiday season, through the Central Texas Food Bank.  Due to inflation’s impact on the cost of living, the Central Texas Food Bank is seeing a dramatic increase in demand, with the number of people they’re serving increasing every month. […]



Per Stirling Capital Outlook – November

The Fed is changing gears, or so it appears.  Indeed, after being very late in joining the battle against inflation, largely due to their disastrous premises that inflation was only “transitory”, and that it was being caused primarily by the reopening of the global economy from the COVID-related shut-down, the Fed’s rationale was that inflation […]