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Helping Aging Parents

As your parents age, they will probably need more help from you. It’s important to consider your ability to provide the help they need, especially if they’re experiencing financial trouble. Are your parents dealing with debt? Are your parents current on their mortgage payments? Do they have large, unexpected medical bills? According to the Employee […]



How Much Should You Be Paying For Mutual Fund Ratios?

Morningstar, whose mission is to empower investors, just came out with their U.S. Fund Fee Study and shared several good insights, which I will highlight here: The asset-weighted average expense ratio for U.S. open-end mutual funds and exchange-traded funds was 0.48%. “Investors are increasingly seeking to minimize investment costs, which has led them to favor […]



How Real Estate Has Performed as an Investment?

A good proxy for the real estate sector is known as the NAREIT Equity REIT Index. “The NAREIT Equity REIT Index is designed to provide the most comprehensive assessment of overall industry performance, and includes all tax-qualified real estate investment trusts (REITs) that are listed on the NYSE, the American Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ […]



What Advice would your future-self offer?

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently issued new benchmarking data aptly titled, U.S. Physicians’ Financial Preparedness: Retired Physicians Segment which helps answer just that question.  The Study was designed to understand the personal finance attitudes and behaviors of physicians, specifically from those physicians who have entered retirement.  However, physicians and non-physicians alike may glean useful […]



How to Choose the Right Financial Planner

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get your financial house in order? If so, you’re not alone: saving more money and other financial goals usually crack the top ten most popular new year’s resolutions. But having a goal is not enough. It takes time and consistent follow-through to make these dreams a reality. […]