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Portfolio Management

Customized Solutions and Fiduciary Standards

Our portfolio management services are as unique and varied as the financial objectives of our clients, but they all hold one thing in common, which is an adherence to fiduciary standards.

Per Stirling provides both custom-designed portfolios managed by a client’s personal advisor and company-sponsored growth portfolios. Our general philosophy is that since every client is unique, every client portfolio should be unique, and it is on that assumption that all portfolio design begins.

These custom-designed portfolios provide a number of unique advantages, such as the ability to integrate tax planning with portfolio management, to incorporate a client’s unique wealth and risk tolerance into portfolio design, and even to reflect a client’s social and ethical ideals into the design and composition of their portfolio.

However, we also understand that there are situations where a client’s needs would be best served through the economies of scale and specialized knowledge available through a more institutional approach to portfolio management.

For those situations, the firm makes available a series of three SMA portfolios managed by Per Stirling’s founding partners who have a twenty-plus year background as institutional portfolio managers.

Core and Conservative Growth SMA Portfolios

The Core Growth and Conservative Growth SMA Portfolios are managed to produce high risk-adjusted returns and maintain specific portfolio limits on risk and volatility. Part of this is achieved by blending together non-correlated asset classes in a way that helps dampen volatility.  Both portfolios are also tax-aware with regard to allocation decisions, which tend to be based upon an intermediate to longer-term market outlook.

Growth SMA Portfolios

The Growth SMA Portfolio is managed to achieve high nominal returns over full market cycles, and pursues a fairly tactical management style that may, by its very nature, be less tax efficient. The portfolio may be concentrated and non-asset-class-diverse, which can increase volatility. As such, it should be considered to be a more aggressive holding within an overall diversified portfolio, or a core position for very growth-oriented investors who have a willingness to tolerate volatility. Management decisions are normally based upon an intermediate-term outlook for the capital markets.

Portfolio Management

At Per Stirling, we embrace the fiduciary nature of the entire wealth management process, and we echo this commitment to put the interests of our clients first and foremost across all aspects of our organization. Nowhere is this commitment to the highest fiduciary standards more important than it is in regard to portfolio management.

We believe that the creation of any investment program should require that one first gain an understanding of just what one is investing for, and what it will take for someone to achieve their goals. As such, our financial advisors and financial planners work closely with their clients to understand the client’s unique goals, ambitions, time horizons, financial needs and risk tolerances, and then to incorporate each of these elements into a unique, needs-based portfolio.

Of note, while our planners and advisors are acutely aware that every client is unique, and thus that every clients’ plan and portfolio are also likely to be custom-designed and unique, there is also a commonality to most portfolios run by Per Stirling’s advisors and portfolio managers. It is a commonality based on financial prudence, a commitment to fiduciary standards of care, and the fact that we manage the “serious money” of our clients (i.e., the money that they are depending on).

It is an approach that generally emphasizes needs-based portfolio design, and endeavors to produce favorable risk-adjusted returns and the avoidance of major drawdowns. In general, we are of the conviction that investing, when done correctly, is not sexy, is not sport, and is not gambling. Instead, it is the means to an end. As such, we endeavor to craft portfolios that provide our clients with a favorable likelihood of achieving their goals, but with no more risk than is likely necessary to reach that end.