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Per Stirling Volunteers! — Community Initiatives Continued

Rarely in its history has our country been confronted with such an array of challenges, whether they be medical, economic or societal.  This extraordinary period has already lasted longer than many had expected (and everyone had hoped), and there is every indication that we will be dealing with the associated challenges until at least sometime […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Continuing efforts to help the Community

Per Stirling’s Volunteer Initiative for May focused efforts on helping our community in a time of need. These unprecedented times have lasted far longer than any of us had anticipated, creating an even stronger need for support within our community. Per Stirling Advisor, Katherine Zamora and her family, made face masks for all of Per […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Helping out our community

Instead of focusing on a single organization for April’s volunteer initiative, Per Stirling decided to broaden efforts to help the community during this global pandemic. This is a trying time for many individuals and businesses and we all wanted to focus on making a difference beginning with our community. Staff and Advisors at Per Stirling […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Jail to Jobs

Per Stirling’s Volunteer Initiative for March focused efforts on raising funds and awareness for an organization called Jail to Jobs. This organization presents young adults who have had tough upbringings a community of role models who have had similar experiences to help get them on the right path of life. Jail to Jobs focuses on helping youthful […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Helping Australia

  Per Stirling’s Volunteer Initiative began 2020 with focusing efforts on providing relief to all affected by the fires that burned across Australia. In all, about 15 million acres burned across the country, leaving over 1 billion animals in its path either harmed or dead. Over 2,000 homes destroyed and at least 25 people have […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Partnerships for Children

Per Stirling supported Partnerships for Children and their Holiday Wishes campaign for December’s Volunteer Initiative. This campaign provides gifts for Central Texas children in CPS that do not have a family to celebrate Christmas. Per Stirling was able to give 5 children a wonderful Christmas in 2019. Each child asked for “three wishes” from their […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Austin Parks & Trails

  Per Stirling decided to take on Austin Parks and Trails for the November Volunteer Initiative. There are plenty of ways that friends, family or coworkers can get involved to help improve and support our parks and trails around Austin. Our team joined forces with The Trail Foundation and spread compost over 3 acres of […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Central Texas Food Bank

Central Texas is among the fastest growing regions in the nation. But for many of our neighbors, that growth comes at a high cost. As the population in Texas continues to climb, so does the cost of housing, utilities, transportation and healthcare, leaving many of our neighbors to make impossible choices and painful sacrifices. That’s […]



Per Stirling Volunteers! – Breast Cancer Awareness

In the United States half of all women and a third of all men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The odds are that we will all be affected in some way whether it’s a personal diagnosis or a friend or family member developing cancer. Exciting and innovative advances in research, prevention and […]