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Honduras Good Works Top Golf Chip-In

On October 29th, Barton Couch, a Per Stirling Partner, generously sponsored the “Honduras Good Works Top Golf Chip-In” charity event for the sixth consecutive year! Honduras Good Works is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the well-being, education, and overall quality of life for underprivileged and rural communities in Honduras. 

The event began with a presentation outlining the mission and impact of Honduras Good Works, and featured a speaker who shared how the charity has significantly changed her life. The program then transitioned to the Live Auction segment, followed by a paddles-up session where attendees made additional donations by raising their paddles. Notably, a $100,000 grant was donated this year, which helped Honduras Good Works to surpass its fundraising goals. Year-to-date, over $225,000 has been raised for this important cause.  

After the program, dinner was provided, followed by some Top Golf competition! 

We are excited to see the positive impact of these fundraising efforts and their ability to help many Hondurans to break free from the cycle of poverty and to strive for a brighter future in their homeland.