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Per Stirling Volunteers! — Back to School

It’s truly remarkable how quickly summer vacation has drawn to a close and children have returned to school. During the months of June and July, Per Stirling dedicated its efforts to contributing funds and school supplies to both students and classrooms.

Every year, educators find themselves grappling with the financial burden of procuring many of the essential supplies required to provide a proper education to their students. Across the nation, teachers are allocated an average annual budget of a mere $200 to cover these supplies. This amount scarcely covers the cost of basics like paper, printer ink, and pencils. Consequently, teachers often need to utilize their own resources, spending an average of $700 of their own money per school year.

A recent employee of Per Stirling left to follow her passion to become a preschool teacher. In response, we collected classroom supplies from her requested list, including paper, markers, and educational toys. These resources are intended to help her launch her new career with all of the school supplies that her students need.

In addition to supporting a local preschool teacher, we contributed to a local nonprofit organization: The TEXAS YES Project, also known as “Box of Dreams”. Every year, TEXAS YES carefully selects multiple Title 1 elementary schools throughout Texas, and generously gifts to each student, ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade, a complimentary school supply kit.

Since its inception in 1998, members and sponsors of TEXAS YES have personally distributed an impressive 578,000 school supply kits to Texas students. This endeavor has firmly established them as the primary distributor of elementary student supplies within the region.

We believe that it’s important to invest in our teachers so they can provide the best education possible for America’s next generation of leaders!