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Putt•ing our head’s together to secure the win!

Team-building events are not just about fostering collaboration; they’re about creating memorable experiences that strengthen bonds and inspire camaraderie. At Per Stirling, we recently had an unforgettable team-building adventure at Holey Moley, where we putted our way through a 9-hole mini-golf course and unleashed our inner rock stars with some karaoke fun afterward.

Per Stirling prioritizes a collaborative work culture and flew in team members from around the country, who we don’t often get to see in person.  There was understandable excitement as each team member arrived at the venue. We then divided into teams and began on our mini-golf journey and navigated through the whimsical obstacles of each hole.

With each swing of the putter, we found ourselves cheering on our teammates, offering encouragement, and celebrating every hole-in-one as if it were a major victory, because they most definitely were! Amidst the laughter and lighthearted banter, there was an underlying sense of teamwork and collaboration. Some of the holes were impossible to see without the guidance of a team member, so help was needed from each other to line up the perfect shot.

After completing the mini-golf course, it was time to announce the undisputed champion of the day. Our firm’s Managing Director and Partner, JP O’Sullivan, was presented with the award for the shortest strokes on the mini-golf course. His precision and skill were unmatched, earning him the gopher putt-putt trophy that can now be found on display in his office at our Westlake Hills location. We also had a special trophy for the highest number of strokes: a toilet putt-putt trophy. This accolade was awarded to Operations Specialist, Kat Sung.


We then transitioned from putt-putt pros to karaoke superstars. With microphones in hand and an endless array of song choices, we took to the stage with a wide variety of classic karaoke tunes such as: John Denver, Neil Diamond, NSYNC, Brittney Spears and George Strait… Just to name a few.

Beyond the fun and games, our Holey Moley adventure reinforced the importance of collaboration, communication, and camaraderie in achieving shared goals. At Per Stirling, we understand that fostering a strong team dynamic is essential for success. Whether on the golf course or in the offices, we’re committed to supporting each other, celebrating our achievements, and building a workplace culture where every voice is heard and valued. Together, we’re ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way, knowing that we’re stronger when we stand as one.