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Marita Iannuccilli


In her role as Comptroller at Per Stirling, Marita seamlessly blends operational oversight with advanced accounting, reporting and billing expertise. Her goal is to ensure unparalleled support for Advisory services that translates to a superior service experience for the client. Marita’s multifaceted expertise spans team leadership, client relations, financial management, healing arts and investment strategies. She seeks to empower every team member by highlighting their distinct capabilities, fostering collaborative environments and celebrating everyone’s successes, large and small.Prior to her tenure at Per Stirling, Marita managed financial operations and held a seat on the leadership team at an Insurance and Benefits Consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia. There, she integrated strategic financial planning with day-to-day, comprehensive financial activities ranging from budget formulation, cash flow management to reporting analysis.A common thread in Marita’s life has been her desire to make a difference for people to heal and thrive in their lives. She served clients through the pivotal role of Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors and Regions Bank VP, where she understood that each client’s financial journey has distinct opportunities and responsibilities that underpin their well-being and happiness. Prior to applying her passion for transformation in the financial sector, Marita’s earlier career was a self-employed, healing artist where she was able to touch many people’s lives.Outside the professional realm, Marita cherishes moments shared with her son, Gabriel, extended family, and close friends. She delights in outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking, and “beaching,” complemented by her love of different cultures, visual arts, and exploring culinary delights. Committed to holistic well-being, she remains engaged in the healing arts and embraces meditation, cultivating a balanced and mindful approach to all aspects of her life.