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John Brem

Financial Advisor

John Brem is an experienced financial services professional who specializes in working with ultra high net worth clients. He began his career as a sports agent, where he discovered his aptitude for providing estate planning solutions for athletes encountering sudden wealth by becoming instant millionaires for the first time.

From there, John’s interest in financial planning services evolved as he transitioned his career to Northwestern Mutual, where he acquired his insurance and securities licenses. He continued his practice with an emphasis on estate planning, specializing in a variety of trusts (including charitable and life insurance trusts), eventually expanding his clientele beyond affluent athletes to accommodate high net worth clients from all walks of life.

In 1998, he joined Merrill Lynch where he continued working with his earliest clients for another 17 years. Finally, in 2016, John discovered Per Stirling’s uniquely independent and fiduciary environment and moved his practice and clientele here.

John divides his time between Houston and the Hill Country, and especially likes visiting New Braunfels for lake-related activities. He enjoys spending time with his two children, Nick and Angelica, and his grandson Beckett, as well as golf and travel.