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2023 Per Stirling Team Building Event – Family Feud!

Survey Says… 

If you thought office life was all about deadlines and endless emails, think again. Our workplace just got a little more exciting, thanks to the epic Family Feud team-building event that had everyone laughing, guessing, and cheering their hearts out. Last month, after our workday had come to a close, our office was transformed into a game show extravaganza, for our operations team building event. The melody of that Family Feud theme song continues to loop endlessly in our minds. 

The event started with pinning on custom Family Feud name badges and teams being randomly selected by colored popsicle sticks to encourage everyone to mingle and collaborate with colleagues they might not usually work with.  

With the teams ready and the energy levels skyrocketing, it was time to dive into the questions. Our host for the day was a Texas-fied version of Richard Dawson, and he played the role perfectly. We were all in laughter as he delivered his witty commentary and exaggerated reactions. 

The questions ranged from the hilarious to the downright head-scratching. From, “What’s the most common excuse for being late to work?” to your common day, “Name something that you would add to your food to make it spicy?” – there was never a dull moment. It turns out, our colleagues have some creative answers and evidently, salt will make your food spicy. 

The excitement reached its peak during the “Fast Money” round. Two individuals from each team, both colleagues on Per Stirling’s Compliance Team, stepped onto the stage to engage in a final face-off for the win. With only a limited time to answer, the pressure was on. The audience was on the edge of their seats, when the total numbers were announced Taylor Peterson won the Fast Money Round for her team as they walked away the winners of the Per Stirling Family Feud Operations Building Event!  

In the end, there could be only one winning team, and the champions received some fantastic prizes. But honestly, the real prize was the camaraderie and laughter that filled the room. This team-building event brought us all closer together and reminded us that there’s more to the workplace than just work.