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2023 Per Stirling’s Shred Event: Safeguarding Your Privacy and Security

As most of our clients are already well aware, financial fraud and ID theft are a growing threat and, at Per Stirling, we are committed to do our part to help to protect you and your information.  You should have just received a detailed communication from us that discusses not only many of the steps that we have taken to protect your information and your accounts, but also what steps you can take to protect yourself.  We hope that you will review this information very carefully.

To further assist you in protecting your information, Per Stirling is pleased to offer our clients a convenient and secure means of destroying important documents that you no longer need, at the annual Per Stirling “Shred Day”, where a licensed and bonded service will safely shred your paper documents on site.

Additionally, as we understand that the safe destruction of digital information is equally important, we invite our clients to also bring to the “Shred Days” electronic devices that can be securely destroyed by off-site personnel, adhering to standard electronic destruction protocols. 

Our most recent “Shred Day” was held in September at our North Austin office located on Spicewood Springs Road, where we were pleased to have clients drop off almost 85 boxes of documents for shredding. The service provided clients with a Certificate of Destruction, which outlines the date and method employed for document destruction.

We were delighted by the enthusiasm and active participation of our clients at the event. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to catch up and connect, all while enjoying the delicious and aptly themed “shredded barbecue” sandwiches. 

It’s not too soon to start collecting your documents and devices for our upcoming Shred Party in 2024! Our next year’s shred event will be hosted at the Per Stirling Westlake location off Bee Caves Road. We can’t wait to see you there as we continue to prioritize your privacy and security while strengthening friendships with the people who mean the world to us, our clients!