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Per Stirling Volunteers! – Partnerships for Children

“Every child deserves the basic things, that we all take for granted”. 

-Partnerships for Children.

It has been a tradition for Per Stirling to focus our December Community Initiative on giving to those less fortunate during the holiday season. In previous years, Per Stirling participated in Partnerships for Children’s “Holiday Wishes Campaign“. This campaign provides gifts for Central Texas children who are in Child Protective Services, and who do not have a family to celebrate the holidays with. Each child asks for “three wishes” from their caseworker, and people like us help by providing those specific gifts.

Others in the community were quick to participate in the Holiday Wishes Campaign this year, fulfilling the children’s individual gift wishes. Although we did not have specific children to purchase gifts for this year, we were still able to make a difference! Children are constantly coming into the foster system during December. Through Partnerships for Children, we purchased gifts from an Amazon Wish list that allowed those children to have a special Christmas as well.

Because of funds donated by Per Stirling staff and advisors, we were able to bring joy to a handful of children for the 2022 Holidays! Some donated gifts included: books, dolls, stuffed animals, barbies, two-way radios and legos. In addition to Partnerships for Children, monetary donations were also made to Carrying Hope and The Angel Tree.

This month our team is brainstorming new charity initiatives that will make a difference for those in need in 2023. We would love to receive any feedback on our 2022 initiatives or thoughts/suggestions for this upcoming year’s causes. Either way, we would love to hear from YOU! 

Email ops@perstirling.com with any suggestions.