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Per Stirling Shred Event 2021

Most individuals and businesses know how valuable it is to retain important financial and legal documents, but are unsure of how to dispose of that information once it has outlived its usefulness? After all, stockpiling sensitive information can pose a security issue, or even breach compliance regulations in today’s privacy-conscious world.

In response, Per Stirling has established a tradition of hosting “shred days”, when our clients can safely dispose of these important documents, and hosted its latest annual shred event on September 16th, at the North Austin office location. The day was spent shredding financial documents, eating shredded barbecue sandwiches and enjoying the beautiful weather.

This year’s shred event was the largest to-date, and received nearly 100 client RSVPs! Clients brought Per Stirling shred bags full of financial documents to be fed into the Data Armor shredding truck. We had tables with boxed lunches set up outside for clients to socially distance as needed, but also arranged for indoor seating for client’s who wanted to eat their lunch in the air conditioning and visit with their advisors.

This year, we were excited to offer a new service to our shred event, and we accepted electronic devices to be properly handled and destroyed by secure off-site personnel, in accordance with standard electronic destruction procedures. This was a popular service and we plan to include this in future shred events!

While so much of our culture has become paperless thanks to the internet, we often still have important or confidential documents that are no longer necessary or safe to keep on hand. Some reasons you may want to consider shredding old documents:

  • To open up storage space.
  • To avoid the dangerous fire hazard a pile of paper creates.
  • To protect yourself from identity thieves searching through trash bins for documents with personal information.
  • To reduce landfill waste and save valuable trees by recycling.

We were very pleased with the attendance and participation of our clients at this event, and are looking forward to the next one! Be on the lookout for our next Shred Party invitation!