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Per Stirling Volunteers! – Back to School

It’s hard to believe that summer vacation is coming to an end, and that it’s already time for kids to go back to school. This year, Per Stirling focused the month of July on donating funds and school supplies to students and classrooms.

Every year school teachers are left to their own devices to cover the cost of many of the supplies necessary to provide an education for our children, and that has been made even more challenging in light of this year’s massive spike in inflation. Teachers across the country have an average annual budget of only $200 to spend on supplies. This is rarely enough to cover the basic supplies like paper, printer ink, pencils, etc. Teachers end up using their own resources to make up the gap, and on average spend $700, if not more, to get through the school year.

Foundation Communities Back to School Drive is an organization that was created to help teachers by providing students access to supplies, technology and meals for the entire school year. Additional proceeds go towards supporting students with free on-site after school programs at their learning centers. Foundation Communities originally had a fundraising goal of $70,000 this year and exceeded that goal by $20,000!

Per Stirling Advisors and Employees contributed to both the Foundation Communities Back to School Drive and directly to individual teachers’ classrooms, to go towards supplies for their students.

We believe that it’s important to invest in our teachers so they can provide the best education possible for our children!