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Per Stirling Volunteers! — Community Initiatives Continued

Rarely in its history has our country been confronted with such an array of challenges, whether they be medical, economic or societal.  This extraordinary period has already lasted longer than many had expected (and everyone had hoped), and there is every indication that we will be dealing with the associated challenges until at least sometime in 2021.  From our perspective, this creates a strong and ongoing need for support within our community.

Both staff and advisors at Per Stirling have responded with continued support for an array of charities, with a particular emphasis on those causes that help the most disadvantaged, and those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated deep economic recession.

Per Stirling is excited to announce that, in addition to their hours spent volunteering, staff and advisors have, over the past month, made over $5,000 in monetary donations to these charitable organizations.

For our August initiative, we are going to focus on Back to School. As we all know, things are looking a bit different as the school year starts, and there are a lot of initiatives to help families navigate through this difficult time.